Wednesday, 10 February 2021


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Wednesday, 18 March 2020

Situations. EBAU Question number 4

2º Bachillerato.
EBAU Question number 4.

1. Imagine your brother or sister has racist ideas. Advise him/her to abandon those ideas and give him/her a good reason for it.

2. Imagine a friend of yours does not want to look for a job. Advise him/her to do so and give him/her a good reason for it.

3. Imagine that your English friend John is visiting you in Spain. Advise him to be careful with his personal belongings when both of you go out and give him a good reason for it.

4. Imagine your younger brother/sister is always playing video games and never does his homework. Order him/her to change his/her attitude and give him/her a good reason for it.

5. Imagine that a friend of yours has started to consume drugs. Tell him/her to think about the problems that he/she might have in the future.

6. Imagine your friend Elizabeth is having trouble with her boss at work. Advise her to look for help and give a good reason to do so.

7. Imagine that your friends want to have dinner at a fast food restaurant. Give them good reasons for not doing so.

8. Imagine that your friends don't want to vote for a woman. Tell them that they are wrong and give them some reasons.

9. Your neighbour keeps parking his car in front of your garage. Complain about it.

10. Your best friend doesn't do any sport. Advise him to do it and explain why.

11. Imagine you see someone starting a fire in a forest. Order him/her not to do so and give him/her a good reason for it.

12. Imagine a friend of yours wants to stop studying English. Advise him/her not to do so and give him/her a good reason for it.

13. Imagine that your friend wants to learn a new language. Suggest one, giving a reason. Give advice on what your friend should do next.

14. Prohibit your friends to send you emails all the time and give them a good reason for it.

15. Write to your headmaster and request information (politely) about a new course you want to study and the requirements to participate in it .

16. Write to your English teacher to complain because she is sending you too much homework these days.